2009 IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award Links

(1)    IEEE Awards website

(2)    IEEE Press Release

(3)    IEEE Awards Luncheon Program at 2009 IEDM

(4)    Congratulatory letter from the President of Trinity College

With great thanks to my post-Yale advisor/friend Prof. Jerry Woodall of Purdue.  Additional thanks to my advisors Prof. Richard (Dick) Barker of Yale, Prof. T.P. Ma of Yale and earlier mentors and friends Prof. David Ahlgren of Trinity College, and Bill Danielson of TMSC.  Your guidance and strong support is gratefully appreciated and remembered.

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Acceptance Speech:

Thank you IEEE.  I want to take a moment to thank a key person in my past, Prof. Emeritus Dick Barker of Yale University.  “Dick Barker” is not a household name in this community, although he is in the magnetics world.  Dick has been affiliated with Yale practically since birth, and was both student and faculty member.  Dick switched from magnetics to semiconductors in the 1970’s. He has graduated relatively few semiconductor Ph.D. s and I am grateful to count myself among that group.  The group includes my other Yale mentor, Prof. T.P. Ma (Grove Award 2005), Dr. Stefan Lai (Grove Award 2008), my former office mate Dr. T-C Chen, IBM Fellow and current VP of Science and Technology at IBM Research, and others that I am equally proud to be associated with.  Dick was famous for pretty much leaving his students alone to find their own way.   Maybe that is a secret ingredient.   And when I left Yale to teach at Columbia he gave me a most memorable piece of advice.  He said, “Remember, they are smart students.  The key is not to screw them up.”  Thanks, Dick, it was great advice!